A few of the characteristics of the zinc-cobalt plating process includes enhanced corrosion resistance for the base metal compared to traditional zinc plating of the same thickness. By electroplating zinc and cobalt to the particular metal, the end result is a uniform ductility that will withstand up to six times the corrosion resistance of conventional zinc plating. Zinc cobalt alloy plating is also becoming more popular because of its affordable operation costs compared to other zinc alloy coatings.

Benefits of Zinc Cobalt Plating

• Zinc-Cobalt has greater corrosion resistance than traditional Zinc plating
• Increased corrosion resistance when combined with sealers and chromates
• Ductility characteristic of zinc-cobalt allows the part to be formed or shaped with minimal degradation to corrosion.
• Cobalt content and post treatment handling is extremely important

Specifications offered

ASTM B840 - 15
Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc Cobalt Alloy Deposits